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If you are a Duval County resident, please consider signing this online petition that asks the City Council and Mayor to either pass Ranked Choice Voting for future city elections or to at least put it on the ballot for the citizens of Jacksonville to decide for themselves if they want it.  Once we get enough signatures we will share the results with the City Council and Mayor.  Once you've signed, please share it with your contacts and social media and help get other residents of Duval County to sign it as well.  Thank you so much!

We, the undersigned residents of Duval County, hereby request the City Council & Mayor of Jacksonville to either pass ranked choice voting for use with future city elections beginning in 2023, or at least put it on the ballot as a local referendum for the citizens of Duval County to decide for themselves if they want this.  


You have the power to make this change because Jacksonville is a charter city


Prior city leaders already did the heavy lifting of switching to a 2 round run off/majority vote election system and by getting election hardware and software from ES&S that can handle ranked choice voting elections. 


All that's left is for ranked choice voting to be made law in Jacksonville and for the Secretary of State to then certify the equipment for RCV use. 


Ranked Choice Voting will continue to make the process more efficient by eliminating the need for the second round run-off by getting the maximum number of voters' backup choices when they come out to vote the first time.  


Using Ranked Choice Voting will:


Save the city $1.2 million dollars by eliminating the second round run off.  That is money that can be better spent on teachers, police, firefighters, sanitation, and infrastructure like parks. 


Save the voters from 8 needless extra weeks of seeing and receiving campaign ads on tv, in mail, radio, and online.  Voter fatigue is real and negatively impacts our local representative democracy. 


Incentivize candidates to run more positive & solution oriented campaigns that focus on the issues that affect Jacksonville instead of attacking each other personally and running negative campaigns.  This will encourage better quality candidates to consider running for office under those improved conditions.


Allow independents and third party candidates to better compete with the two main parties by no longer being considered spoilers.  This is not anti-party, but pro-voter, by giving voters more choices.  Competition and winning on the merit of one's positions is democracy at its best.  


We, your fellow citizens of Jacksonville, thank you in advance for seriously considering our request and look forward to the day when Jacksonville joins the ranks of the many cities around the country that are using ranked choice voting. 


Will you sign?