RCV JAX is a nonpartisan, not for profit organization that is working to bring Ranked-Choice Voting (RCV) to Jacksonville, Florida.  This effort started when a group of citizens got together to find a more efficient and democratic way to make their communities' voices heard. 

In the Spring 2019 municipal elections, voter turnout in Jacksonville (Duval County) was 24% and 14% in the first and second round, respectively.  This antiquated, expensive, and drawn out version of RCV cost the city immensely in time, money, and effort.  By implementing TRUE ranked-choice voting, elections become much more efficient and meaningful. 

When voters are able to rank their preferences, political campaigning becomes less negative with fewer personal attacks, candidates are incentivized to focus on the issues, and voter turnout tends to improve.  It also helps avoid voter fatigue from an entire second cycle of campaign ads and phone calls as there is only one round of voting.  Eliminating the second round run-off will save the city $1.2 million every election cycle.

In short, RCV is a better way forward for all.  We know the "Bold New City of the South" is ready for it, so please help us make it happen!